Sunday, October 13, 2002

Server installation didn't finish until about 12pm yesterday. Which gave me only 30 minutes of official working time to install my app and see if it's workable. Mind you, the server installation wasn't tested. Rosli, the guy who installed the server, have no idea if the installation MySQL and PHP will work together.

I couldn't stay back too long to finish up work cause I was suppose to go to Kampung Baru for the advertisement rehearsal. I knew something was terribly wrong when I got to the place at 2.30pm and there was only one car at the parking lot. Started making calls to Margaret, a friend (although I'd consider he more as an aquiantance than a friend) and Jacklyn to check on the venue. Nobody answered their phones, so I left messages and sat there waiting in my car for someone to call back. I've decided that I would wait till 3pm and then I'll leave if no one returns my calls.

Just as Josh was going into the chorus of 'Gira Con Me' my phone rang; which I think was quite cool cause that's my ring tone - the chorus of Gira Con Me. :)

Anyway, Jacklyn called to say that the venue has been changed to the gym at Crystal Cown? or Crystal something or another ... it's where Coffee Bean and Bravo is, near Modesto's KL.

Unlike what I was told by Marg and Mel, there were quite a number of chinese girls there. According to M & M, there was only 3 on Thursday. Where the girls popped out from they have no idea.

Rehearsal was quite fun if a little messy. Can't remember the steps sometimes. Then at about 5.30pm we stopped rehearsing and waited for the director who's suppose to have been there at 4pm. He finally arrived at 6+pm.

After about 2 runs dancing in front of the director, I told Jackly that I had to go cause I had a show at Holiday Villa later tonight and that I should have been there at 4pm. Actually, I have been trying to leave even before the director arrived cause of the show thing but she said that he was gonna arrive soon. So I stayed.

So, M & M and I left. They have had enough as well cause it seems that not everyone who was there was already casted. They're gonna do a re-casting. While we were waiting for the elevator, Jacklyn rushed out to ask us to do another run through for the director.

I was torn.

On one hand, the ShaSae people have been at Holiday Villa since 4pm and it's unfair for them that I'm not there with them. On the other, I might be in a commercial. A new experience for me. I'm already there so why not? M & M gave the nod and so we went back in the gym.

I've already taken off my slippers and was in the process of putting on my shoes when Jacklyn came back and say that we didn't have to do it. *eyes rolling in abundance*

We finally left. I dropped M & M at Brickfields and headed for Holiday Villa.

When I got there, they had only just begun rehearsal. It seems that the sound man has just arrived. So I put on my shoes and jumped into the dance.

We didn't get to practise all the dances cause there were already guest trickling in. The organiser told us to cease.

The show went on pretty okay. Again, some mishaps happened, wrong steps, forgotten steps, wrong placing etc but luckily, no revealing boobs. :)

Jacklyn SMSed to say that there will be a shorlisting at 10am today.

At 10am this morning, I was still at home.
Eating my curry flavoured maggi mee with two eggs.
I was feeling tired from last night and Mel called to say she wasn't going. Didn't feel like going so I went for my latin class instead.

So, here I am now, at the office, writing on my blog instead of working like I should be since I have to go for the ad thing again at 5pm.

Mel called to say that Jacklyn asked Margaret to beg us to come back cause the director said that the SYTs from yesterday were too young for what he had in mind.

Hmm ... I wonder if that was a compliment or an insult. They're begging us to come back but that's cause we don't look young?

Starting work now. [Click]

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