Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I got a strangely huge number of hits (for me anything > than 30 is huge) from blogger on the 11th and 12th.

Anyway, Monday was work for a whole 13 hours.

Since I didn't manage to do any installation on Saturday (server wasn't ready) and Sunday (had to rush for the ad rehearsal), I thought I'd get in early on Monday to have it all done before official work hours began. The installation shouldn't take more than 2 hours really. The program had a setup program and after making sure the setup is correct, all I had to do is transfer my modified codes from the other server.

Simple si?

Well, it would have been if everything with the server is going fine and the codes worked perfectly. The codes were easy to fix once I found out what was wrong and searched the net for the fix. But the server ... the server we still have no idea what is wrong with it. The new server is suppose to be online so I'm suppose to be able to be able to access the application from any network. However, it works fine for one network and goes off and on on another.

Chang, one of the network guys around, thinks it might be the php configuration. Since I have no clue whatsoever about php configuration, we have to wait for the idiot to get to it.

So, we wait.

Yesterday, was a day of almost no work. Had to go to Putrajaya to check out why the Human Resource project people can't update information.
Problem easily solved.

They didn't click the save button.
They made changes, walked away from the application.
Application timed out.
Data not saved.

See, this is why I told Azreen (the business guy) I didn't want to go there. It had to be something stupid like this. Urgh! And then, Aishah, the lady who gave me the requirements for the application, got confused with two of the fields that she told me to include. Also, she requested for some changes. She's already signed the User Acceptance form. So, in truth, I've handed over the project. It's done. I told her she had to talk to Azreen about the request since I don't know if it would be a chargeable modification. I think it should be though. She has agreed that the application fulfilled the requirements so, any additional thing should be charged. Right?

During lunch, skipped over to Subang Perdana?, the area after Giant USJ, for a short preview of our cha cha sequence to a client for a Friday event. Sae Min called me later to tell me that they didn't want the cha cha sequence anyway. I had a feeling that they didn't during the preview cause they didn't look thrilled with it. I think they wanted something more acrobatic, something with lifts and stuff which is not permissable in competition hence not in our routine. Consolation is, I'll be getting Rm75 compensation for having gone there twice for previews which in total must have lasted a whole 20 minutes in total. Cool!

After getting back to the office, I had a meeting with the boss and a few other colleagues. There's a new project. I was really reluctant to go. Another project? OMG! I already have two that's in the back burner right now waiting for the WTS project to finish before I continue with them.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like I'll be doing this one. They're either going to use Mei Ling existing application which she's built for another client or create something based on the idiot's 'super' engine. Yes! So long as they don't ask me to work with the idiot, it's good.

So, one more bad news and good news before I go.

Bad news ... I didn't get in on the ad. Mel called to ask if Jacklyn called me for the dress rehearsal scheduled for today. I didn't. So, I shot off an SMS to Jacklyn to check if I'm still in cause during all the rehearsals, they haven't made up their mind?! Few minutes later, Suhaimi called; all appologetic and everything saying that he's sorry that I had gone to all the rehearsal but they're not taking me for the ad. I told them it's fine but that they should have at least called to tell me that. I mean, it's the decent thing to do. Whether I'm in or not, they should tell me.

Good news ... we're in the cha cha competition finals. Wonder how they got they result so early thought, since the second heat hasn't finished. That's scheduled for tomorrow. Ah, who cares. I'm in. I'm in.

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