Sunday, October 06, 2002

*Phew* Two shows down, one more to go, plus some competitions coming up as well.

The dance studio's dinner and dance was a huge success! ShaSae, our dance group did two dance pieces as one/two of the performances that were shown that night. The Kylie piece, 'Can't get you out of my mind' was embarrassing and hilarious both at the same time. Why? You see, the girls costume were black pants and a white tube-corset like top - basically a piece of rectangular cloth with four holes at each of the two short ends, held together by a length of string. Looks kinda cool huh? Yeah but the thing is, you see, it's dangerous. Dangerous for us girls cause of the risk of exposure. During the full dress rehearsal, our tops were slowly sliding lower and lower, revealing more and more skin (is the polite word for it, tits for us less refined people) but still not so much that it was absolutely indecent. Just a slight slip down south. On Friday, for reasons unknown, maybe it was because we were putting in more ummph into the performance, maybe we didn't tie it tight enough or leave it loose enough, two of us, yours truly and Soong, almost gave the audience more than they've paid for. :D I did realise that the top was slowly sliding lowere but didn't think that I was in extreme danger of my nipples showing but looking around the dinner tables, I see familiar faces giving me indications that I should pull my top up. I wasn't too sure if they were indicating to me or my friend but I did adjust the top. Everyone must have seen me adjusting it. I know I should be fidgeting during the dance, might not be the profession way to do it but c'mon! I'm not a striptease act alright!

Anyway, the second piece (Madonna's 'Don't tell me') went off better thanks to the safer sleeveless t-shirt as costume. After that was a whole lot of dancing and bumping into people on the dance floor.

I must say that I have never, I repeat, NEVER ever been to a dinner where the dance floor was so jam packed. Can't say that I am surprised. It was a dinner and dance for a dance studio so it's easily assumed that all the people who would attend the dinner are dance nuts. And they were! Good surprise.

Soo Ping's wedding was nice. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Our performance for her (Madonna again) went well, almost without a hitch. Almost, except for the front part where Sae Min misstepped. But it was ok. That was really at the beginning of the whole thing. The rest of the dance went well. Then everyone from the dance studio dominated the dance floor. :)

And now the time has come for me to head for bed. Practise tomorrow starts at 9 am. Full dress rehearsal for the high school reunion gig on the 12th.

Oh yes! Finally bought Sarah Brightman's Time To Say Goodbye album today. Have already listened to it on my newly installed car CD player.
Thanks pa, for installing it.

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