Thursday, October 03, 2002

Cats - the musical

The show finally came to Malaysia. Ticket response to the show has been incredible; so good that they have decided to extend the season for a further eight shows. All this on top of the Vanessa Mae performance which was held last Sunday - the opening weekened of Cats!

My, my. It seems that we Malaysians are just soaking up each and everyone of them that comes our way.

[empress raises her hands high] Yup! Me included.

I was one of the few kiasu people who booked the tickets just as soon as the online ticketing service opened the booking for the show. Being a Maxis One member (or rather, I could get hold of someone who's a member), I managed to get a 40% discount for the tickets. The seats were excellent. Not too close (like when I saw RSC's Merchant of Venice) or too far (my seats for Fame). As Miss Little Red Riding Hood would say, '... it's just nice.' *sigh*

The show was quite good. I don't think there was much of a storyline. The whole thing was about a bunch of Cats who called themselves Jellicle(sp?) cats and the ball which they have once a year where the big shot among them decides which of them gets to be reborn ... I think. It's based on a T.S.Eliot poem. Since I'm not much of a poem lover, I don't know how true to the poem it is. :)

But anyway, I watched the whole show with a smile on my face. Mainly cause it had lots of dancing. The whole show was dance dance dance. My fave type of musicals.

Now for the things which I didn't like about it. Not too much that I didn't like really. However, I do think some things could be change? Improved on?

1. Rum Tum Tugger - couldn't they have picked someone sexier? He's suppose to be the cat that all the ladies faint over. This fella didn't have that air about him and his fat tummy doesn't help much with the image either.
2. Don't like the lady singing Memory. Her delivery seems too practised. Too technical. Emotionless on such an emotional song.
3. The lady accompanying the lady singing Memory - her voice was kinda flat. How did she get casted? Do they not have anyone better?
4. The staged seems too cramped for all the felines onstage.

Things I liked ... (yes I do like some stuff sometimes!)
1. The choreography and dancing ... of course
2. The white cat and also the main cat (the one who started singing and kinda have the role of MC or something like it. easily noticeable by his proud stance)
3. Jennyanydot sequence.
4. Train cat sequence.
5. The lighting.

Yeah ... so, there you have it. Something I did last Friday which I've only posted today. Something that I think I should have recorded somewhere.

... it's recorded.

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