Friday, October 11, 2002

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Much rescheduling yesterday.

The ad rehearsal changed venue for the third time. It was somewhere in a kampung in the middle of the city. I don't know how to get there and the map that Jess faxed over isn't much help. Mel called today to say that it was indeed a difficult place to find.

As you can tell, that would mean that I didn't go for the rehearsal.

Jess confirmed that the shoot will be on next Thursday instead of Wednesday. My cha cha competition's heat was scheduled for next Thursday. Meaning I can't compete and still be in the shoot.

Luckily Sae Min called the competition organisers if we could compete in last night's heat instead. They agreed. So we had our heats last night.

We haven't practised our cha cha much this past couple of weeks so I'm kinda worried that we might forget our routine. Added to that, the first two competitors that I meant when I first got there compete in the Amature and Pre-Amature level. I'm only a Novice! Ack! Pressure.

Anyway, I think we did quite okay. Not sure if we're gonna be in the finals yet. Will have to wait until after the second heat finishes next week. *fingers crossed*

After the competition, the organisers got Esteban Cortez & Evelyn Rivera to dance a tango for the audience. They're from Uruguay and according to Margaritte, the organiser, are the premier Uruguay couple in tango. Their dancing were gorgeous. That's the kind of tango I'd like to do. Esteban Cortez was so sexy when he danced. God! Yumm. He didn't look sexy when he was just sitting around and judging or talking but when he danced ... Ma Ma Mia!

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