Thursday, October 10, 2002

Ad rehearsal was post-poned to later today. Instead of yesterday ie. it's now on Thursday instead of Wednesday. Some of the people at the studio said that RM150 for a day shoot was a bum deal. However, if the ad requires lots of people, > 20, which is the case here, that's about the correct price. Still quite low. Don't think it even covers my salary rate for a day, which I would need to take, a day off, work to go on the shoot. But I'm going for the experience. I thought I'd find out what a shoot is like. It might be fun, it might be boring as hell but at least I'd done it before. Have you?

Since the rehearsal was cancelled, I was able to attend my ballroom class. More tango today.

After that, Sae Min and I practise our cha cha routine. We tried doing the routine at Soo Ping's wedding and we couldn't remember it. Thank goodness we're not going into the first heat of the cha cha competition that's gonna be held at Orange beginning tomorrow. That give us one more week of practise.

Thank you Mr/Ms Organiser.

Hmmm ... my page at is not appearing correctly. I wonder what is wrong with it.

Anyway, La Femme Nikita season 3 started. Yea!

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