Monday, September 16, 2002

what can i say? i was a bitch to my parents yesterday. papa asked for help with yahoo's email and saving attachments for mummy. i got really frustrated and it was evident in my voice cause i was talking as is reprimanding him for not being able show mom himself. dad's been using yahoo for the past few years. he's been saving attachments from his emails for the past few years. i cannot understand how he still hasn't grasped the concept of creating a fresh folder for mom and save it for her.

mummy said i was being an ingrate for acting the way i did. i agree. they've paid for my education. i should help them out when they ask me about thing like that but it's just so frustrating that papa can't seem to be able to use his laptop for merely placing files where ever whatever program he's using tells him to place it (ie. the default directory opened when you click 'save'). i have explained it to him again and again but he still can't seem to understand/remember(?)

and of course, mummy had to come up with a totally unrelated argument to compare capabilities when i asked papa why he wasn't able to solve the attachment saving thing for mummy. her argument was "well, you can't sew can you?"

"no! but i haven't been sewing for the past few years now have i?" I replied.

then i stood there and waited and guided her through her email retrieval and reading and deleting and finally logout. stood there cause i didn't want to climb up another flight of stairs yet again (it was the 3rd time!) just to be called in a few seconds to solve yet another 'problem' that might arise.

finally, i went back to watching the episode of sex and the city which i had on pause when the cry for help came.

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