Saturday, September 14, 2002

friday the 13th

the day went pretty eventless.
same old frustration with the incapable programmer. frustration with my own program. being stood up once again by the client who was due in for a progress meeting.
the last one was a good thing cause there wasn't much progress going on. viewable progress anyway. some functional things were completed but nothing with an interface which the clients can go wow about. clients are all about interfaces. who cares about the functions. you show them a page and they go wow. tell them a function you've completed and they go *blank*. they are all about aesthetics.

anyway, the day was pretty eventless ... until

my windscreen cracked. then it kept cracking. and craking. more and more.
i was on my way to the 'seven deadly sins' practise when it happened. thankfully a guy in the motorbike (which i suspect was the same motorbike that passed me when the first crack happened) helped me knock out the glass so that I could the car home. nice guy.

but i didn't drive home. i went to practise instead; despite having called michael to say that i wasn't going earlier. i thought, since i have to go by that way to get home anyway, i might as well make a stop before heading home. practise was good except i still can't get my steps for one of the piece and also what michael said. He said, "... you're a beautiful dancer." then he paused. i can just hear the BUT coming soon. i don't remember his exact words but it goes something along the lines that he feels like i have something unresolved with movements. well, i know i don't have the step down pat, as yet but i know that wasn't what he meant.
he and the rest of the dancers in the group are those people who feel that there is something more to the dance/movement than just the dance. i am not. i just like it. if you've seen billy elliot, it's kinda like that. unexplainable. just simply 'electric'.
nothing deeper.
no fancy pansy explanations.
just the simple feeling of 'like'.

i like it. period.

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