Tuesday, July 30, 2002

long lost friend and birthday wishes

:) Got a call earlier this morning. A guy started belting out the birthday song soon as I said 'Hello'. The voice was oddly familiar, which is why I didn't stop him and tell him that he had the wrong number. You see, it's not my birthday. In fact, it's there's almost five whole months more before that day comes. And that's what I told Tim, my ex-landlord, now friend. Was nice of him to call all the way from Melbourne for the greeting, no matter how off the mark he was.

Later at about noon, while I was rushing for changes requested by the boss for a demo, a conversation bubble from MSN Messenger popped up with a greeting from someone named 'liz' going 'How are you doing woman?'. It's long lost Liz! I'd almost forgot I added her in my list in case she ever got Messenger. I only had her email address and she never did reply my mails. Finally, I found out that she's still alive and well and still studying in the States. The last time I spoke to her was when I called her when she was there three years back. Gosh! Time really flies.

Didn't really finish my conversation with her though. Kinda got logged off by Messenger. Must have looked really rude of me to log off in the midst of a conversation. Her icon indicates that she's away right now. Maybe I'll talk to her later.

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