Monday, July 29, 2002

It's been awhile. Haven't written anything of substance ... not that I write a lot of those anyways. :P

Anyways, nothing much was missed. Less frustration at the work place now cause we've decided to just start programming with the old engine. We will never know when the new engine will be completed; only the idiot does. So, am currently in the process of getting the database up and then begin Java. Hopefully, I'll will have something to show the client when they come in for the weekly progress meeting scheduled for every Friday at 3pm starting from this Friday. Great! Will start working on that soon as I finish this blog.

The HR Ministry's computer was sent back to them on Wednesday. The lady I deal with was pretty happy with the application. When I say pretty happy, I meant she didn't go 'It sucks!'. She follows my instructions pretty well and did things as she was supposed to ... while I was there. Hopefully she'd be able to use the application even when I'm not there. The application is pretty intuitive. Nothing fancy. Pretty easy to grasp. I don't forsee any problems unless some piece of coding turns out to be buggy.

On the non-work-related front, there's plans for a paintball weekend with some of the people at work (idiot excluded of course!). That should be good. I've been wanting to try that for ages. Ever since I've heard about it. Missed the one organised by the Malaysian Student Society back in Monash and was waiting for them to organise another trip for the second sememster but that didn't happen. :( So, to get to finally play it ... I only hope I'm not dissappointed and also that I won't turn out to be a dissappointment for my team. GO TEAM!

Finally bought the Java study guide. Yeps! I'm finally going to start studying for the exam. Exam's scheduled for 26/Aug, so that means I have about a month for preparation. Hope that's enough time. Otherwise, I'd just have to post-pone it ... yet again. I'm currently at page 12. A few hundred more pages to go. Then I'll have to look for mock tests and see how well I do on those. If I could beat the scores of those two co-workers from Cambridge who has taken the exam, that would be sweet. No easy job though, they both scored 88%.

What am I thinking? With the amount of time I think I'd be able to scrape up for study time. I'd be happy just to pass the exam! Much less beat the two smarty pants!

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