Thursday, July 04, 2002

I think I will stop tinkling with the PHP app now. Otherwise it's never finish. I keep going ... "hey! It'll be nicer this way wouldn't it?" and "hey! Let's try it this way." and "let's add this in". Keep trying to improve upon it non-stop. Guess I'm very much an end-user huh? Always asking for more.

As theendoffree continues on reporting all the freebie sites that are converting to fee-based sites, the real world seems to be going in the opposite direction. This past week, from out of nowhere, I received two freebies.

Freebie 1 - A translucent covered cheque holder and a JUMBO pen from my bank. According to the accompanying letter, it was an early bird gift. I don't remember being an early bird when I started that account a couple of months ago but it's great. Keep the freebies coming Maybank.

Freebie 2 - This one's totally unexpected. My colleagues and I were sitting at a kopitiam (coffee shop) at Taman SEA having lunch when all of a sudden, a hoard of females promoters barged into the shop with their white t-shirt tied on the waist to show some skin and tight black miniskirts and started to hand out something encased in a thin layer of plastic to everyone in the shop. The parcel was a pair of sunshades. It's a promotion for a beer. I don't remember which. Anchor? Heinneken? Carlsberg? I don't really drink beer so I don't remember which it was. Thing is, I was just talking to Vi from the studio about sunshades on Sunday, about how she's got loads at her office and I don't have any in my car, and here I am being handed a pair on Tuesday.

Wow! Easily pleased aren't I. Heh heh. If you only knew. But freebies are always great. So keep them coming. Can't wait to see what else I'll be getting next week.

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