Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Deadline's come and gone and I'm still not done with the codes. Well, not as done as I like it to be anyway. Need to do some cleaning up and then sort of test it.

I'm not very familiar with testing programs. Not sure what to test it besides making sure everything suppose to come out right and limits tests. All the stress test and performance testing stuff; I haven't a clue. Should try and get a clue though.

'sides that, practise still going on in the dancing front. Only five more days before the competition on Sunday.

Still not satisfied with my routine. I need to learn how to stop after spins!!! And there's so many spins in my routine? I don't know what my teacher was thinking when he choreographed it. I know it's nice/flashy to have spins but what good is it if you can't do it well?

Dress rehearsal for all competitors tomorrow at the studio.

Oh yeah, if anyone's going to the competition, scream for couple number 47 ... or was it 46. I think it's 47.

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