Tuesday, June 18, 2002


Sleepy after lunch. Not an unfamiliar predicament. However not advisable cause the boss is rushing me to finish the gov't HR application. *yawn* Probably shouldn't have ordered Curry Laksa for lunch just now. Some says santan (coconut milk) makes one drowsy. I say it's probably more the really full contented stomach and the time of day than anything ... but that's just me.

Christ! What the heck is going on with the main power box? Something keeps popping on and off. The pops are even affecting my speakers. I hear them intermittedly through Royal Crown Revue's Park Place playing over my Winamp. Are they repairing the air conditioning again? It seems to be off now and I'm wearing my jacket. What the heck am I wearing a jacket now? Oh yes. I was cold.


Watched RSC's production of The Merchant of Venice on Sunday. It was fab! Tonnes better than that stupid production by the Actor's Studio a couple of years back. Didn't make me feel like walking off in the middle of the play. Of course, since I've never studied Shakespeare at school, I don't really understand everything that's said. Didn't get some parts but most of it was funny.

Oh yeah! We sat three rows from the stage so that's really close. We were so close we could see the actors spit when they were delivering their lines. I think it was a good call though sitting so close cause a friend told me that their friend watched it from way back and could hardly hear the actors. Not sure if they were using microphones but I kinda suspect that they didn't. Their voice projection's great but it was a large hall so I don't think their voices managed to travell all the way back.

Next stop, Cats. Just reserved tickets yesterday. Cost me RM151 per for the RM251 tickets. 40% discount for Maxis One customers. Hurrah! That's the most expensive seat. I've been told that Cats is boring. Seen it once on the telly. Seemed alright to me. *shrugs*

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