Thursday, June 13, 2002

destination UK

There are plans current for a visit to the UKs for the Christmas holidays. Hopefully this will go through. I'd love to visit UK or any other country as a matter of fact.

Looking at the calendar, I'm hoping to fly Friday night of the 20th if they have a midnight or close to midnight flight. Don't feel like flying on the 21st for certain reasons and if I fly Friday, I'll be in UK for that eventful date! Perfect pressie for myself. ;)

Plans while in UK. Spend a few days in Aunty K's in Liverpool until Christmas, possibly going over to London for a couple days then over to Aunty Kool in Dublin. While in London, hopefully will be able to meet up with Bren; who out of nowhere is suddenly actually leaving for London for his MBA. He's been considering it for awhile but didn't really do much about it. Now he's leaving in less than two weeks. Good on ya, mate!

Well, holiday plans looks good at the moment. Will have to talk to the parental unit to check who's actually going. I had originally thought that it was just gonna be me and sis S but mom said something about her and pa going as well *bummer*. Pray to God no! Just me and sis S would be good.

Hope they come up with a decision soon. Wanna get cheap flights.

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