Friday, June 07, 2002

Well, managed to rewire my brain circuits to take the alternate route to work this morning *grin* *pats herself on the back*. And no. I wasn't any faster. Part of that route was filled with traffic and traffic lights which made it a little slow and it being a slightly longer route, the smooth passage after the traffic didn't cut down any travelling time. So, I guess it's back to the old route. Old is gold.

Finally got back the PC from the HR Ministry. Sent that PC in for them to test the program almost 3 weeks ago! The plan was to have them test it for only a week. Anyway, I have it back now. Will have to do lots of modifications to the program (due to lack of information when building the program in the beginning! Hear that boss?).

Made a little stop at the new Tesco in Puchong on the way back. Was falling asleep at the wheel and tummy was doing a little song and dance, so I thought I'd stop over to grab a bit. Didn't have much of a lunch before that.

Tesco's not that great. The prices are pretty much the same as Carrefour or Giant. No biggie. Bought a bag of chips and a cup of cafe mocha (from San Francisco's). Spilled some coffee on the handle of my new Elle document bag. Now there's a stain. Wonder how I'm going to get that off. Should I soak it? Will the stain come off if I soak it?

Was thinking of working late tonight but once I got back in the office and hooked up the PC I brought back, didn't feel much like working anymore. Checked my mails, browsed my guestbook and browsed Moby's site; really nice site plus he has a T-shirt designing competition on right now. Only problem is, it's only open to American. Not like I was planning on entering it but that kinda limits the pool of talent a tad, don't you think?

...and now, I think I'll just go home.

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