Tuesday, June 11, 2002

It's gonna be busy this week.

Spent almost the entire day at the dance studio on Sunday. First it was practise for the Shasae dance group from 9.30am till 11am then practised the cha-cha routine with my dance partner, SM, for a bit before class begins at 12pm ... except that didn't happen. Mr L's alarm didn't go off. He just woke up when SM called him at about 12.20pm, so class is cancelled and rescheduled for today.

We continued practising for a bit more and then SM went home with plans to come back and practise some more at 4pm. Feeling lazy, I stayed back at the studio and just hung out. The thought of driving back home and then rest for an hour before driving back to the studio is just too tiring. SM took out his office's Palm and I borrowed that from him to wile away the wait time. I'm hooked on bejeweled now. :) Skipped Yoga to practise cause I think we really need more practise if we are to get beyond the first round of the competition.

After getting home, had to drive mom to the night market and the bank. I was half dead by that time. No Gilmore Girls that night but that's good cause Mad About Mambo was showing on Star Movies. Haven't seen that. It's good. Couldn't stay awake after that so *plop* I went to sleep.

Monday was a whole day at work and then choir practise at night. Loooong day. Dropped off posters and postcards of the concert at TGV Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Pyramid information counter during lunch. Oh, the soloists came in today for practise and I think the soprano's really good. She sort of overpowers the tenor during the Brindisi piece. Hopefully the tenor gets more courage and try to sing louder after more practise. Tired. So tired.

So, tonight, dance class. Hopefully we don't stay back too long for practise. Want to catch Sex and the City on HBO at 10pm.

Plans for the week: Wednesday - choir practise, Thursday - Committee meeting (darn! I have to miss my regular Thursday 4 hour TV series session - Buffy, Angel, Angel and Popular|Dark Angel), Friday - check out venues for post-concert party, Saturday - nothing confirmed, National Choir performance? and the it's Sunday routine again.

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