Saturday, June 22, 2002

Drained ... I am so drained.

4 hours sleep everyday for the past three days is simply not enough for me.

I simply don't have the strength right now to do any coding but I have to cause I'm suppose to finish this app by this week. Have a feeling it won't be ready by Monday though. Unless I pull an all nighter tonight and tomorrow.

Have to go over to Sally's to talk to the caterer's people who are going to set up the canopy later. Which means I might have to miss the zoo party - birthday for the grannies & meeting up with visiting gorilla from Penang. I'll try and pop in after I've finished at Sally's. Hope it won't take me too long. Really need some R&R time.

Anyways, Tutti Frutti the past two nights have gone well. Crowd turnout was quite dissappointing but not to the extent that there were more on stage than on the floor *thank god!*. Last night tonight. After this the calendar should be free-er, at least with the extra-curricular activities. Work wise is still as packed.

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