Sunday, June 23, 2002

Cor! Freaking cool man! The Yoshi box is incredible.

Not that I'm a big gaming fan but ... shit! That is one cool box if I were!

Have been looking at some PC mod sites lately. Basically, I'm too much of a hardward idiot to try anything like mods but I'd like to be able to try it one day. Maybe just one of those casing mods to begin with, eh? Don't need to know too much about hardware for that and I love looking at nice things. Would be great to have a change from that ugly looking beige box.

I'm pretty sure that I can tell which is the casing although I'm not too sure of how to take it out completely. I have a HP Vectra and all I can do is slide the casing to the back to open it. Still trying to figure out if I can take it off completely.

One of these days.

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