Thursday, April 04, 2002

Talking to Stef last night just reminded me of what an absolute geek/nerd I am. She was feeling a little guilty after lying to mum about a stomach ache so that she could ditch school. Thinking that she has food poisoning (due to some things that she lied about), mum was super nice to her.

Me ... I have never done anything like that to skip school. The only time I did was after I got to school, only a handful of us actually came for class and the teachers didn't even bother to come in anymore. This was the period approaching the final exam of secondary school, SPM. My friend and I got sick staring at the four walls of the room and left school after a few hours and went to her place.

That was the only true ditching that I did. Pretty pathetic huh?

Other attempts were school related. Inter-school cross-country at some rural school, inter-school squash competition that we managed to pester a teacher to enter us in (mainly cause most of the state players were in my school, yours truly included), choir competition and other stuff that I can't recall right now.

I wonder why a shining example like me has had absolutely no impact on the behaviours of my two younger sibs? A bit of a bore of course following rules and doing what you're suppose to when you're suppose to ... but, if you're suppose to do it. Why wouldn't I? I didn't have a life.

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