Monday, April 08, 2002

I find it frightening sometimes seeing how much some of my friends/school mates have changed since we were last in school. Not physically of course, but the way the were then and they way they are now seems to be completely 'transmogified' (hmmm ... am I spelling that correctly? Calvin & Hobbes fans?).

Two most obvious ones were one prefects in our school, even though they weren't exactly boring nerds at school, they were just not the wild child that they have turned out to be; heavy drinking, chain smoking, promiscuous little bitches (or at least that's their boast)! Seems like their sojourn to UK/America really changed them and I'm not entirely sure if I envy them their free careless ways. However, they're my friends (thank god!) wouldn't want to be this other girls, also an ex-schoolmate, that they're forever bitching about. I actually thought that girl was actually a pretty close friend of theirs! Man! Was I wrong.

Another thing I notice during last Saturday's BBQ was that these people are not my crowd when I was in school. Of sure, we nod and say hi and have short little conversations but we were not close; not even what I'd call friends, just school mates. It's weird that I hang out more with these people now than with my close friends from school. I haven't seen my 'close friends' for some years! minus the chance meetings in a restaurant/mall/market. Must call these people up one day.

Also noted was, I was almost the only Chinese among all the Malays. Maybe it's a race thing. These friends that I hang out with (tee hee ... 'hang out' that sounds so teenagery) are all Malays. I used to hang out with a crowd with a large Chinese majority. I'm Chinese and I'm bad with calling up friends and meeting up with people. Others would usually take the initiative to call me up for a meet but I would usually meet up unless I had a prior engagement. So, maybe my friends are like me. They say, 'birds of a feather flocks together'. Except we can't really flock together if we don't meet up now can we?

Hmmm ... a totally haphazard rambling. I'll have to read this entry later to see if it makes any sense. My minds travelling in a million and one direction and I'm not sure what was written down and what's in my head.

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