Thursday, April 18, 2002

Bad me. Scolded papa earlier cause he said he couldn't get the USB to Serial converter driver installed. Turns out it wasn't his fault. The driver for Windows XP wasn't included in the CD and the one for the other Windows version doesn't work. Luckily their site is well updated. Managed to download and install the latest version; no problem.

Sooooo, sorry pa.

On a totally different note, went for my first ballroom class at 9pm earlier. It was alright. Still manage to catch up even though they were in their fourth class. I seem to be having the same problem most latin dancers suffer as well, the heel-toe instead of toe-heel thing. Keep lifting my feet off the ground as well. Was told by Soong that I'm not suppose to do that; she taught me the basics so that I could catch up with the rest of the class. Pretty fun but have to wait in turn for guys to be available to practise the steps. As usual, the class is desperately lacking in guys. Well, not so much but it's a ratio of about 3:1. So, the guys should get pretty great in no time huh, since they're getting so much practise. :)

Right. Nitey nite.

Note to self: Remember to make calls to the Immigration Department (passport renewal) and Banana Cafe (increase number of heads for Club Nite) tomorrow!

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