Monday, March 11, 2002

Read this article in the papers back in March 5th. I don't read the news in the newspapers only lifestyle, sports section, comics, movie listing and the tv guide. And usually just breeze through those as well but this article caught my eyes.

At a time where everyone is putting in mucho hours, making things happen fast, making money fast, these people come up with "Slow Cities". A spin-off from the slow food movement, the main objective 'slow cities' is to get us to enjoy life. Quality life.

The idea sounds wonderful but I do wonder if someone like me would be able to fit in a city such as that. Someone who's restless. Someone who gets bored easily. Someone who need something to do, to move, to jump and prance ... okay, maybe not jump and prance exactly. Someone who after 8 hours of work seeks other activities/classes to fill up time between after office hours and bedtime.

I mean, what would you do if you went straight home after work?

Dinner and shower? Sure. Fine. But how long do you need for that? One hour max. What next? Plop in front of the telly? Read? Good and fine as well but that's just so boring! Plus, not extremely good for your health. Lack of movement/exercise. A body needs movement.

Even if I could stand having minimal activities, you need beaucoup bucks to enjoy good food, good clothes, good homes, even good/clean air! Only thing that would be free would be good friends. People to enjoy it with.

Would be ideal if I didn't have to worry about money. Then yeah! I'd definitely live in a "slow city".

In fact, I try to have a slow city at least once a year. It's in a city called Penang. It's an Island really but it's a small island. All I do when I'm there is eat, sleep, eat, sleep, watch the telly, read, and laze on the beach or on the pool (if I'm staying at a seaside hotel).

Slow island, anyone?

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