Saturday, March 09, 2002

A glove that allows you to touch things virtually. Not an extremely new idea. TechTV's story yesterday 'Computers Get Touchy-Feely' reminded me of Johnny Mnemonic. That futuristic movie starring Keanu 'cool breeze over the mountain' Reeves which I thought was a total flop ... so did thousands in the world. But, in that movie, I remember a part when Johnny puts on these VR goggles and glove and starts doing things like taking things, openning boxes and typing on a keyboard without those things there physically. I thought that was cool. Hopefully things will go far for "virtual touch" and more people, besides USC's Integrated Media Systems Center will look into haptics technology, the technology behind "virtual touch".

I still look forward to the day when wearable computing will be possible and I think the "virtual touch" would be a great tool for it.

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