Tuesday, March 12, 2002

I'm listening to Virgin Radio and they just had an experiment to prove a survey that Neil Francis found which says that only 20% of women knows how to change tyres compared to 97% of men. Well, it was close as the 6th caller managed to get it right. Would have proven the statistics right if it had been the 5th caller but one caller difference is not too bad, me thinks. Now here's the good part. The caller who got it right, she's a computer person. I couldn't really hear what exactly in computers but yeah, she's a computer person. She was spot on. Yay! Computer gals knows how to change tyres. I do as well and I was looking for a chatroom at Virgin Radio's site, before the 6th caller came through, to see if I could type in the answer but there isn't one.

Hmmm ... maybe they should do another study to find out the percentage of computer women who knows how to change tyres.

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