Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Found this from EvHead's blog. Isn't this gorgeous? Check out the review at kicksology.

Too bad they don't sell And 1 shoes here. I might just buy this. Have been looking to buy a pair of sneakers for a long time. Haven't found one that I like just yet. It's probably cause I want the shoe to look good as well as function as my general excersize shoes, not that I excersize much these days but I like to have a pair of shoes for the times that I do. Of course, I'd like it to be cheap or at least affordable. Don't want to pay mega bucks just for a pair of shoes.

Speaking of shoes, Irene from Superdances just called to say that my new gold dancing shoes are ready. Hurrah! And it only took them eight days to finish my shoe. Hope it fits. I tried on a size 6 when I was at her place but I really needed a size 6(B/wide), since I have wide forefoot. Took a chance and ordered 6(B) without trying. Have to look for a studio with unwaxed floor to try out my spanking new shoes.

So excited. New shoes. Whee!

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