Friday, February 08, 2002

okay. was back at work after two days of rest but couldn't blog cause the network was down at work. the whole day.

i got an email from the producer of the audition i attended last saturday. it was an audition for two musicals; 'something happened on the way to the forum' and 'pirates of penzance'. according to the producer, they would love to give me a part except my schedule doesn't fit into their rehearsal schedule. here's the excerpt from the mail.
Hi Callista!

It was a real pleasure meeting you on Saturday and thank you for coming to
the audition.

We would like to offer you a part in FORUM but will not be able to
accommodate your current work schedule.

Please let us know if your schedule changes. Thanks again and hope you can
come see the show!

Chae Lian

P.S. we will contact you again at the end of July when we finalise casting
so, wondering if they were just being polite and was gently rejecting me citing schedule clash, i wrote back to her, after consulting a friend, asking for their schedule to see if i can make rehearsals and this was the reply ...
Dear Callista,

We rehearse from after lunch onwards for about 5 - 6 weeks starting in
March. Once the show starts its run from April 19th - May 11th, you'll only
be needed at night so you can return to your day job.

It is a pretty heavy commitment and we know that it will be difficult for
bosses to give that much time off. One or two days a week might be OK but
probably not everyday for several weeks. Anyway, if you think this can be
worked out, let us know. We already have a shortlist of people but we can
add you on if you are available.

Chae Lian
they should have stated that people who have usual working hours need not apply. then i wouldn't have bother to go. but then i'm kinda glad i did as well cause now i know i can get a part. i must have done something right that day although i forgot my lyrics and couldn't really concentrate on acting out the song.

*sigh* i guess, childhood dream would have to wait a little while longer. always dreamed of being in a musical. all the dancing and singing. i think it's due to all the ballet classes and piano lessons i was taking and the series 'fame' on the telly. wanted to study in a school like that where you can pursue your dreams. pretty cool ... until reality kicks in and there's no such school in malaysia then. nor would my parents have allowed me to go to such a school. no security and what not in show business.

ah ... c'est la vie!

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