Thursday, January 31, 2002

i've been doing a lot of the test on emode lately. this is one of the result that i particularly like ... although, how accurate it is is unknown to me. it the result of the 'which executive are you?' test.
Okay, time to confess: You've always loved that Randy Newman song "It's Money That I Love," haven't you? Don't worry — that's not a problem. In fact, it actually gives you an advantage in this bottom-line-focused rat race. Not to mention that it makes you an ideal CFO. Chief financial officers are all about money, from accounts payable to petty cash. Since you're detail-oriented and a consummate perfectionist, you'd be great at making sure all the columns on the spreadsheet add up right. Minding the books is hard work, but you love a challenge. Who knows? If this works out, you could end up like Scrooge McDuck and have a giant money bin to swim in. (Mind if we come over for a dip?) No doubt about it, there's a promotion in your future. So keep up the good work!

this one's for the 'what type are you?' test:

You are a Go Getter

Ambitious, focused, dedicated — you're a true Go-Getter. Though you once may have been president of your high school class or editor of the college newspaper, these days you're likely to be found on your cell phone or making an appointment in your Palm Pilot. A short-skirted "Ally McBeal" business suit is your uniform of choice, which lots of men find quite sexy. Your sights are set on career, fame, and fortune, and you may not think you have time for a risky investment like love. Naturally, you attract guys who love a challenge — they're desperate to close the deal and show you that you're wrong. They can probably relate to your insatiable desire to succeed, but want to prove that love is just one more thing at which you can excel.

the 'who's your type? test:

Your type is the Casanova

You're on the market for a sweet-talking, smooth-moving, good-lookingCasanova. This stud knows exactly what to do and say in any situation. He'squite the charmer. Put him in a room, and everyone flocks to him. He'squick-witted, incredibly stylish, and runs with the right crowd. Does thisguy ever have to wait in line? No way. Does he look like he just stepped outof GQ magazine? Always. This super-suave guy is not only fun to be around,but he's part of the coolest scene. Whether it's a top-notch restaurant orthe hottest new club, your man is there. He's a real ladies man. Whenyou're around him, you feel like you're the center of the universe. Thiship, hot guy has got the slick moves and smart lines that keep you comingback for more!

plus several more which i'll post tomorrow. gotta get home for a bit of din-din before heading for streetvoiz practise. and then ice-creams afters ... 31% discount at baskin robbins every 31st of the month ... ie. today!

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