Friday, December 28, 2001

I think I've got Alzheimer's. Yesterday I forgot to lock my car door after getting back from lunch. I'm lucky the car didn't get stolen or my radio stripped ... bad luck for them if they did steal the radio ... doesn't work properly. Then just this afternoon, when I was about to drive back to the office from home after lunch, I think I forgot the hand break. I'm not too sure. It's either I forgot to pull it when I got home or I disengaged it just after I got in the car to drive.

I can't remember things that happened two seconds ago!

Maybe it's the lack of sleep. They were showing 'Scent of a Woman' at 12.30am and I watched it till about 2am. Didn't finish it. Was too sleepy. Couldn't keep my eyes open. And this morning, didn't feel like getting out of bed. The whole day and even now, I feel like a zombie. Kept falling asleep during a little discussion with my colleagues just now.

Darn it! It seems I have to rush for a proposal. Have till next Thursday noontime to finish it. That only gives me one and a half day! I'm off work on Monday. Didn't wanna have the weekend then work on Monday and another day off of Tuesday (new year's!). I'm gonna have the whole stretch. Most probably should do the proposal when I'm at home then but I rarely work at home. Don't work at home unless it's absolutely a last minute thing. Nobody should work at home ... unless, of course, if they work from home or something to that effect.

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