Friday, November 02, 2001


They're not showing the third season of La Femme Nikita. *sob* Maybe in a year or two they'd bring it back ... maybe ... hopefully ... PLEASE!

I was late again this morning. It's becoming a really bad habit. About as late as yesterday. My dad's car should be ready by tonight. LET IT BE READY!

A car is so convenient. Oh how I miss it now that I don't have that convenience. Can't even go to a mall during lunch for a bit of window shopping. Have to depend on where ever my other co-workers are heading for lunch.

Having dinner with Karen from the musicals group tonight before my dance class. It's not confirmed as yet and nobody else in the group has replied to the mass mail. It'll probably just be me and Karen and maybe Grace ... AGAIN. Only the three graces, meeting again.

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