Friday, November 02, 2001

My co-workers, Danny and Kevan, ditched me during lunch. They each had face-to-face reports to make to their other halves. ;-)

Without a car and with no other co-workers who owns a car around, me and another co-worker, TL, had to eat at the cafeteria. TL doesn't mind eating anywhere so long as they have rice! I hate rice. Especially for lunch since I'd be having rice at night anyway. I'm Chinese. We have rice every night. Come to think of it, most races in Malaysia have rice during dinner anyway. Malays, Chinese, Indians ... we all have rice. Maybe not the Indians so much cause they have other carb based food, ie. the various type of 'roti'-s (bread), like nan, roti canai, chapati and such.

Anyway, tonight, hopefully, I'd be having shepherd's pie at Finnegan's. Yay! No rice!

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