Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Just got back from lunch. As usual am really full and sleepy. Haven't started on any work today. Have been busy replying mails that are more than a week old!

Got a mail from Cris from the Philharmonic. She needs another soprano for the small choir for Christmas and asked if I was interested. Since I don't have plans, told her I was. Will be getting paid for this gig. It's about $50 bucks a pop and there's 3 gigs so that's $150. I'd do it for the heck of it but I never say no to money. ;)

Practise is this Thursday at 8pm at Susan Ho's. Still waiting for Cris to reply with the address. Will have to call her if I don't have the address by Thurs morn.

Dance practise tonight at 9pm ... maybe ... if I don't feel too lazy.

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