Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Back in my cubicle

Have had 5 days of holiday. I feel even more tired than before the holiday started. Didn't have the type of holiday I'd consider a good holiday.

Was awaken everyday in the morning by papa to go for breakfast ... ideally, won't have to wake up till noon but that didn't happen ... nope, not even one of those five days did I sleep past noon. Urgh ... bad.

The eating part was good enough. Could have had more hawker stall food but that was limitted by papa's friends who wanted to treat us for dinner. Plus, the food prices in Penang have shot up considerably. It's almost as expensive as KL ... another bad.

Nothing much happened during the holidays. No gorgeous guys sightings as like last year. Not enough of assam laksa and durians eaten. Not a very good Penang trip, I would say. Too much sitting in the car heading somewhere or the other.

Luckily we didn't have the day trip to Haddyai as originally planned. That would have included waking up at the ungodly hour of 6am, a drive of 1-2 hours to the Malaysia-Thailand border, non-stop shopping (window shopping for me) of sub-quality? items and then another 1-2 hours drive back home to Aunty See's place. Bleah! That would have been dreadfull for me.

Hopefully the trip to Kraabi would materialise next year. Don't mind a few days of lazing on the beach. In fact, that's my idea of a holiday. Nothing but lazing and playing ... no rushing off to anywhere for whatever reason. Ummm ... have that song by All Saints playing in my head now. The one they did for the movie 'The Beach' with Leo DiCaprio. Don't remember the song title. Movie was total crap but the beach looked absolutely brilliant.

Oh well, that's not till next April ... maybe

For now, tis back to work. Was just given another deadline. End of this week ... rather by Thursday. For another stupid hack job.

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