Wednesday, November 14, 2001

I'm in the office.



Darn! I was hoping to finish my stuff before today.

Last night at about 8.20pm, had to rush off for the squash dinner. We had dinner at Madam Kwan's at Bangsar. Nice atmosphere. I had the assam laksa. It was so-so. Not exactly good but not bad. Not everyone was there. Melvyn's wife must be in town and whenever she's in town, you'd not see him - she's a flight attendant. Solomon's gone back to his wife's hometown to celebrate Deepavali. I don't know where JC is ... nobody told me. Probably had some important dinner with VIPs and don't have time for us little people.

I told them I had to get back to work after the dinner. Even told my friend that I couldn't make it to his Deepavali open house. I ended up agreeing to stop by at the karaoke for a few songs.

Huh ... some few songs! We ended up leaving at 2am. I had wanted to leave around 11.30pm but we went to the karaoke place in one car; my car was parked near Madam Kwan's. After about 12.30am, I gave up the idea of going back to work that night and we continued singing. It was fun.

So ... here I am. At work on a holiday.

Won't be going to Penang until tomorrow ... maybe

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