Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Fuh! I'm stuffed.

Now I'll never wonder again how people can have just a salad for lunch. I just had a ceaser salad and a twister at Dome with Stef and my aunts. Very nice.

Hmmm ... I wonder if I just have salad everyday for lunch, would I be able to lose some weight? Of course, it's gonna cost a bomb to have salad everyday at Dome's. Not to mention the 15 minutes drive just to get there and another 15 back to the office. Maybe I could make some salad myself. But I'd have to find a nice salad dressing to go with it. Time for some grocery shopping.

Ah well, will start trying this salad thing next Monday; after my holidays. You can't go to Penang and be on a diet. You just can't! Too many good food in Penang.

Mmmmm ...yum ... assam laksa here I come!

Oh yes, the squash celebration dinner is finally on. It' gonna be tonight at 7.45 or 8 ... thereabouts. Kudos Lorrin for managing this feat!

Just received a slew of mails from the musicals groups as well. Some of them will (hopefully ... fingers crossed) be meeting up to go watch 'Charlie's Aunty' this Saturday. And this time it's not just gonna be the three graces (ie. Grace L, Karen and yours truly) meeting up. If all goes well Rach, Alex, Fang and Grace ML will be going. Bad timing though. I can't make it. Will still be in Penang on Saturday. Have a fab time you guys!

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