Tuesday, October 16, 2001

*Yawn* 2 1/2 hours of presentation. Admittedly, product was pretty impressive. Much more impressive than the one I'm writing anyway. Haven't seen similar products yet ... or have I? Okay maybe 2 other. Most impressive one so far.

But who really want to hear about this stuff?

Didn't do much on Saturday. Worked till about 2.30pm, went home and straight for some much needed Z's. Got up at 6pm. Had some pasta salad my sis made for a BBQ she's going later. Met my friend to go for this presentation of a direct selling product. That sucked cause we were stuck in a jam for about 1 1/2 hours and then the presentation was in Mandarin (Chinese dialect), which I did not understand. After that went for dinner/supper and homeward bound.

Sunday ... my dad told me that the car wouldn't start! OMG! I was suppose to have dance practise and then later that night my friends gig at No Black Tie in town. A day when a car is despearately needed. Had to hitch a ride from me brother for dance practise and then from my dance partner to Prem's place cause she's going for the gig as well. Blah, blah, blah ... dinner sushi ... yay! .... Friend's gig - They're called the Maharaja Commission. Alex's drumming was good ... singing not good (whatever I managed to hear of it anyway). Couldn't really hear the rest of the band. The bass sounded pretty okay, treble - can't hear at all except for the beginning of one song - was alright but the rhythm was bad. That guy's got no sense of rhythm! Performance wise, bad. Everyone of them was facing the Alex. All we saw were their butts and backs! We left early cause a friend wanted to go home. Didn't want to take a cab home (didn't drive remember?) so I went home as well. The headliners for the event has yet to perform so I missed that. Alex says the lead singer's a little like Kurt Cobain ... could have been good.

Monday ... got my car back. The alternater had a leak. Battery didn't get charged properly. My pocket's lighter by 220 bucks. Went for choir, got home, went for ice-cream (there goes the diet ;o) ...), watched Ally McBeal. Slept.

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