Saturday, October 13, 2001

Phew! Took me such a long time to finish my apple. Yes, I don't feel like chewing either, even though my stomach was begging for instant refill. That's another thing. Now I have to watch what I eat. I've been advised by my new dance teacher, after my first competitive latin dance lesson, that maybe I should go on a diet. He says that I'll look better for the latin dance if I'd lose a little weight. Hmmm ... I guess being at the apex of normalcy of the ideal weight just doesn't cut it for a dancer. Okay ... I'll try but I've never been any good at losing weight. I'm always hungry and looking for things to snack on. Which reminds me that I have a chupa chups stashed somewhere ... but I digress.

Okay where were we?

Oh yes, dance class. The class went pretty well. He changed some of the routine my partner did with his previous partner and then taught me basic cha-cha motion with the hip motion. Press from the inner edge of your foot, turn in your knee and as your straighten and the hip will come naturally. Problem is, I find it difficult to turn my knees inwards. I've had almost 10 years of practise turning out my legs from ballet and that kinda stuck with me after I quit. Of course I'm not as turned out as I used to be but it's still there slightly. Must practise, practise, practise ... will probably rub the inner edge of my feets sort from that! Press ... straighten ... press ... straighten ...

Right all that was before the clubbing I mentioned before. And even before class, I've had my usual friday squash training ... except today it wasn't quite the usual. We usually do not do the one minute lap run. The one minute lap run is where you run the length of the squash court as many times as you can manage within one minute. Coach said that we'd only do it once so I went all out! Managed 21 laps ... used to be able to do 22 laps way back then. And then ... surprise, surprise! He asked us to do another lap. I was huffing and puffing harder than the big bad wolf by that time and he wanted another lap. After about a minute or so of walking around to catch my breath, we did another lap. I only manage 19 laps the second time around. He says that's good ... so that's good :o).

Have to get to work now. Don't want to have to stay back to finish my work like I did 2 weeks ago. Need me beauty sleep.

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