Friday, October 05, 2001

Oh my! John Cusack's on the telly. He's gorgeous.

Forget that. I'm bummed. My car got scratched. I think it's done by that old guy that 'helped' me park my car. My reasoning behind suspecting him is because I only gave him 50 cent. What was I to do? I was out of change and the next smallest thing I have was $10. I am not rich enough to pay someone $10 for not helping me park. Anyway, he was turning the coin over and over in his fingers for awhile and I watched him do that cause I was afraid he was gonna scratch my car. I finally moved away when he stopped looking at it. I should probably have stayed longer and watch him till he's walked away from my car but I was late for my dance class and so I left when he stopped looking. Darn it! Might have been cheaper now if I'd given him the 10 spot.

So, when I went home, I told my mom all about it. About my car being scratched and who I suspect scratched it. Guess what she said. She said that he probably scratched it cause I was most probably rude to the guy. I was thinking ... what??? I told the guy that I didn't have change! What else was I suppose to do? Go into Mikkie Ds to get change? I was parked right in front of McDs. Bummer!!! I don't know what I expected my mom to say but I didn't think she would say that it was my fault. I mean, my car got scratched, I paid some guy 50 cent and I am to blame for the scratches? I don't get it!

Later, my dad told me that I might probably have to send the car in for overhaul. The car was jerking. It's done this before and we thought that it might have been the gas. The last time it jerked, I finished the remaining gas that I have and refueled in a different station and the jerking was gone. Now my dad says that the engine oil's gone into that water container thing. Don't remember what it's called. Might cost me $2000 bucks for the overhaul!

Can things get worse??? Urgh!!! I'll go to sleep now. Hope I don't get any nightmares tonight but with my luck at the moment, I probably will.

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