Monday, October 01, 2001

Hmmm ... everyone's gone home for the day. I have the whole office to myself. Lets blast the CD!

I've had the most horrible weekend! Actually spent half a day on Saturday and the whole day Sunday working! Coding and debugging. Debugging mostly. If you've read my last post, you'd know what I'm talking about. The programs better now but it still needs some tweaking on the database side. KB the database guys is nowhere to be found today. We believe he is on medical leave but that's just speculations. Really need him to come back to work soon though, have to get the program done and handed to the customer by this Wednesday. That's about 2 days max.

Urgh!!! Brain drain! Only had 2 1/2 hours sleep this morning. I must look like a panda right now. Got myself to go home at 7am in the morning. Told TL (co-worker) that there's no way I'll be on time for work today. Work starts at 8.30am. If they're gonna take the hours I'm late today out of my annual leave, there's nothing I can do about it. Fortunately, hardly anyone's in the office today. Don't know where everyone's dissappeared to. I know at least Marina's gone to UK but my senior, Adam and Danny, another co-worker's nowhere to be seen. Seems that it's the case as well in our other office. Quiet ... but that's partly because KB's not there (he's a big guy with a booming voice.) ;o)

I've to go to IKEA for more curtain brackets after this. Couldn't decide how many to get on Saturday cause I wasn't sure whether I needed 2/3/4 brackets. Bought the minimum (2 brackets), 2 rod ends and 2 140mm rods. My window's 215 from one end to another, the longest rod they have is 200mm but they have a connected that allows you to extend rods by joining 2 rods together. Nice feature except the join is not very seamless. In fact, it's really obvious. Plus, if I only use 2 brackets, the connected rods sort of droops in the middle, so I need and extra bracket for support. Boring details huh? Who's gone to bed reading this?

Oh ... it was lantern festival yesterday. Saw a latern procession at the mall with IKEA on Saturday complete with one of those dragon line. I'm not quite sure as to the reason for the festival. I think it goes something like ... Once upon a time in China, the was this dragon that terrorises this village and the villagers thought it's time that they did something about it. Don't remember what they did but it had something to do with lots of light and the moon and that's why Chinese (ethnic group, not nationality) kids carry laterns on latern festivals and moon cakes are served on that day. Moon cake is a cake that comes in various flavours of either lotus seed paste, red beans or green beans coated in a flour made crust. Some even come with salted egg yolk. I don't a fan of moon cake. It's nice and sweet but too sweet for me to partake a large portion like I can a piece of chocolate cake.

I should go now. Still have to go to IKEA for the brackets before heading for choir practise. We're preparing a Christmas program now. One program is called 'The Christmas Chrese'??? Not sure of the spelling. It's about Christmas. The other is a bunch of carols. I've never heard of those carols but we did a really quite run through last week and it sounds really nice for a choir. I really like the second program. We'll be practising the second program tonight I think.

Ciao. Need to go now.

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