Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Ah, my dear readers. It seems that the mystery of the missing database guy has been solved. On Monday, KB was out on emergency leave and when I wrote to tell you about him being MIA on Tuesday, he was actually at home. He overslept. And there dear readers, concludes the mystery of the missing database guy.

Now that he's back to work, my project is almost at completion. Not sure as to whether it is fully complete yet as I left after making sure my part worked. Had to leave early as I had a dinner date with some of my ex-high school friends and I was already half an hour late when I completed my part of the program. Dinner was nice. We had steamboat at a place near my workplace so I was only about 40-45 minutes late. I've asked them to start dinner without me as I didn't know when exacly it was that I'd be finished with my work. Anyway, managed to meet them and have dinner. It was nice.

I also got photos of the abseilling trip that I went with some of the school mates who were at the dinner. Photos came out pretty nicely. Although, there weren't any photos of me or anyone actually hanging halfway on the abseil.

Well, I've finished unzipping my file. I'm making a CD with Russell Watson's songs for my friend Elsie. She's been so nice. She didn't know me and she mailed me a tape of the performance RW had at the Ford Centre for the US President. Sweet of her wasn't it? So, I've searched the net looking for songs by RW that wasn't on his debut and only album (at this moment) and will burn it for her. I've collected 3 songs so far ... funny, I actually thought I had 4. Must have misplaced it in my brother's hard drive ... the burner's on his PC. Will go search for it now. Until the next time.

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