Friday, September 28, 2001

Another day has gone by. Well, most of it anyway. Another day of eye drying coding, hair tearing, mind boggling work day. My eyes are so dry as I type this down. Works not done yet but I have to leave for squash training now. Guess I'll have to come back to work tomorrow! *sniff* *sniff* 'Tis a non working Saturday tomorrow! Seems that my co-worker will be coming in on the usual working hour cause he has to go back to his home town. I've decided to get in whenever I can get myself to wake up and get out of my bed. Hopefully I won't have to see him at work. I don't think I work well with him. We have such differring views on how things should be done and why certain things were done the way they are done. Actually got into an argument yesterday cause he didn't inform me of a change in one of the codes that affects the codes in my files. Says that he had told our senior and that it was that senior's responsibility to inform us. I don't know. Was he right? I just think that everyone should be informed of changes that might affect their work.

Gotta go now. Time for training. After that, I might have to outing with 2 sets of friends. Don't know how I'll go for those. We'll see.

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