Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the lookout for shorts

Does anyone know where I can go to look for a new pair (or two) of shorts?

I call them going-out shorts as opposed to working/at-home shorts. Y'know, the dressier ones where you pair it up with a killer pair of heels and your friends think you're over dressed?

The last pair of going-out shorts I had was from a little shop in Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid. Didn't see any that caught my eyes when I went there last. The fad must have faded.

But I've always liked shorts.

In a hot hot country like this, shorts and tank tops are like staple wear for me. I wear them so much that even my semi-going-out shorts have tears in them and is now fit for the trash.

So ...
... gimme links
... gimme shop names and location

... cause I'm just too lazy waste time going to the shops and seeing nothing I like.


  1. Callista Chuah Huei Li you are neither 15 nor 25 but 31.5. Wearing those shorts would make you look like a slut.


  2. Steven dear, I didn't mean those super mini shorts which are super low waisted and super short where your ass cheeks can be seen!

    I meant nice shorts.

    Are these slutty?

  3. Sayang whatever shorts that you wear doesn't attract the right kind of guy for ahem marriage. :D


  4. Ha? What's with the marriage talk?
    Shorts are comfortable ma.

  5. actually that is what my ex used to say comfortable ma! Then one day i realize the actual reason why she wore shorts.


  6. I think I saw you at the KLDA port luck session today. You were dancing with your new partner. Not sure whether it was Wilson or Sae Min.


  7. Yes I was at the potluck but didn't dance with my new partner nor Wilson nor Sae Min. Only danced with Gary and crazy Kay Leong.

    Do I know you BK?

  8. We meet at the Penang Competition about 2 years ago.


  9. Do you practise often at the KLDA? Thanks for pointing out the mistake in my blog www.dancesportmalaysia.blogspot.comYes, it was Alfred Choo who performed a salsa with Cecilia Yong at the World Dance Academy 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Dance.

    Best Wishes,

    Dance Aficionado
    Dancesport Malaysia

  10. No worries, Dance Aficionado.

    Yes I practise quite often at KLDA. Take classes there as well.



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