Monday, December 04, 2006

My one week vacation

It's been over a year since I've started working for this company and apart from a couple of single day leave on Fridays, I've not taken any leaves for over a year. Ok ... well, maybe a two day, Friday into Monday leave. I feel like I'm Bruce Willis in Unbreakable last year. No matter how long I've worked, people in the office were dropping like flies and taking MCs left, right and center. Being the honest (read: scaredy cat) that I am, I've not even dared fake a sickness just so I could get some rest. In fact, my leave application citing reason for leave as 'to rest' was denied.

Finally, I managed to get a whole week of leave two weeks ago.

So, what did I do?

Chores mostly. Carting aunt to buy stuff. 5 hours of grass cutting at both my aunts townhouses. Finding more bling for my competition costume. Basically, lots of running around and no rest.

The competition on Saturday went alright. Despite the superslow cha cha for the first round which we danced a little out of time, we still managed to proceed to the semi-finals. Semi-finals was much better but I think our finals dances were probably the strongest of the three. Our final standing was 4th. Not bad for our first outing. :)

Last week was a mad rush to get a new project up and running by Dec 1st. So there was basically nothing but work, work and work. Which in a way was good cause my feet has been hurting for the past couple months. Lets hope the one week of feet rest will do the trick.

Over the weekend, I went for a karaoke session, and a fashion thing that souldoctor was involved in for a brand discount store. I'm very into Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dresses now. Although the store was probably selling their stuff at 1/4 the original prices, they were still pretty exorbitant for a pinch penny like me. The dress I like costed over $500! Yups! Not getting any. Just hoping the girlie boss will have a garage sale soon!

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