Saturday, July 08, 2006

When does he become your boyfriend?

While having dinner with JT after dance practise, he mentioned that he has been hanging out with this girl for the past three weeks. Not quite sure if three weeks equate to three dates but yeah; three weeks. He kept insisting that he they weren't dating/pak toh.

To me, if a guy asks me out, I mean, just me with the intention of maybe getting to know me for the possibility of a relationship, I would consitute that as dating. Wouldn't you? How would you differentiate dating from simply hanging out?

Isn't the whole point of dating to get to know each other with the possibility of further involvement? Futhermore, would you consider a person you've been seeing for a month, your boyfriend or girlfriend?

JT says even after three 'sessions' of hanging out he wouldn't consider that they are dating. It's still a getting to know each other period. Tres odd, no? Maybe he's right and I make too rush a judgement but to me, after two or three sessions, if you still have to figure out if you want to date that person, I think you can just forget about it.

But then ... what do I know, I barely have time to breathe much less to date. :)

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