Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Windows XP search tweak

This is more for me than anything. I keep forgetting how to do it. Maybe it could be useful to you as well.

Ever tried searching for files via the specifying the 'A word of a phrase in the file'?
Then never seem to get any results even though you can bet both your arms and legs that some results show be returned and yet still get absolutely no files found?

Well, I get this a lot and I don't know why. Must have missed a class or two in the Windows XP Search 101 class.

I'm not sure if there is a better more legal way of getting the search they way I think it should be but here's the one I found in many many many places online. They are all the same and it involves changing one value in the registry.

Namely ->

That's it! Simple huh? But the question remains, why doesn't the default settings of the search work?

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