Sunday, May 08, 2005

Back to work

After a hectic month of April, it's back to the office and work.

What happened in April?
The culmination of four months worth of almost nightly rehearsal, save Mondays, went moderately well. Most audiences members asked (opinions might be biased due relationship between people asked and cast members) said they enjoyed the show. One guy mentioned and I quote "I was prepared to fall asleep in my chair." but he didn't so that's a plus. The same guy is not a regular nor a familiar of theatre productions and therefore is good in a way as he wasn't comparing the show with the more professional (read: foreign) productions of similar type.

A few hours after the cast party, held after the final show, is the dance competition. Extremely exhausted, dress not as completely decorated as desired (big thank you to mom for staying up the whole night decorating it) and lacking practise, I arrived too late for the practise session. Not that it would have mattered as my partner lost his way.

We managed to marked through the routine on the sidelines before the competition proper began. Then I settled down with two plastic chairs and had some shut eyes. My category is scheduled at two hours after the start of competition.

Altogether, we danced three rounds; heats, semi-finals and finals. Never in any of the rounds did we ever get our routines correct. LOL There's always some screw up somewhere or rather. Oh well. We did our best and our best was a third position. Hurrah! We got on the podium. Not bad for a tired, hungry (did I mention I didn't have breakfast and lunch was a sad excuse of moldy Ramli burger?) and lack of practise pair.

Hope well do better the next time round.

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