Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Personality test

If there had been personality tests at school, do you think you would have chosen what you've chosen to major or your line of work? Do you think it would have made a difference?

Here's my result:

Your Dominant Intelligence is Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

You are naturally athletic and coordinated, good at making your mind and body work together.
Sports are fun and easy for you, especially those requiring good hand - eye coordination.
There's also a good chance you're a great dancer, or good at expressing yourself through body language.
You learn best by doing, and you feel like you've always got to be moving (even if it's just your hands).

You would make a good athlete, physical education teaches, dancer, actor, firefighter, or artisan.

Brilliant! Wouldn't mind being anyone of those things suggested ... except maybe 'actor'. I can't act. I can see how a scene should be done or at least how I think it should be done but I, personally, can't do it.

I don't think it would have made a difference for me. All the suggested career path doesn't seem to be in the 'financially sound' job category. Perhaps the 'teacher' bit might interest my mom though. She's always telling me learn your English and learn your piano so you can teach them. Regardless to the fact that a) I'm not a patient person and don't think I can handle screaming kids, b) piano doesn't come naturally to me. During the years and years of lessons, I need to be forced to practise and there's not touch to my playing. ie. no bloody good! c) my grammar sucks. I kept getting vt mistakes in my essays from Ms. Stucken during Grade 12 English and I never knew how to correct it. It would help if I had asked what the mistake meant and how I was to correct them but ... I didn't.

So yeah! That's out! The only teaching I ever considered was to teach ballet but she made me quit. You were never really good anyway. Have I repeated that many times? Well, if I did, it's because it's a sour point for me. I'm not Margot Fonteyn but I was good. :P

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