Monday, September 27, 2004

Hello ... still alive

Yes, still alive. Did I disappoint anyone?

What has happened over the hiatus?

Firstly, attended a couple interview and I must say I did badly at both of them. My technical knowledge seems to have plummetted into nothingness. Without realising it, I have slowly forgotten most of the basic concepts that are required or just basic usage of the programming language that I use everyday at work. All the debugging and adding of functions into existing classes has made me a procedural programmer instead of the object-oriented programmer that is the essence of the Java language.

*sigh* tis a sad day indeed. Therefore, I am truly not surprised that they, the interviewers, did not contact me for further interviews. Hence, I am going to join in my friend's venture into his new company. Hopefully, this will give me time to reacquaint myself with all the necessary skills which I have lost as well as an opportunity to create something different. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, in that time, I was asked by one of the online networking group which I belong, to choreograph and teach them a salsa number for their monthly networking dinner. The theme for the dinner being 'Latin Heat' so, salsa is mucho latin-lah! Since I don't know much about salsa except the basic steps, the number was choreographed based on my knowledge of latin (ie. cha cha/rumba) figures.

They had in all five rehearsals excluding the venue rehearsal on the day itself and they managed to perform it satisfactorily. It wasn't perfect but it was ok and they had fun. Let me tell you, these adults gets more rowdy and more difficult to control that kids (er ... not that I deal with lots of kids, I'm just assuming! :P). I got really stressed during one of the last rehearsal cause they couldn't get one of the formation I gave them and I took it out on my friend, whom I had asked to help me with the choreography as well as in helping me teach them. Friend ... again, I'm really sorry I did that. I suck!

I didn't manage to watch them perform it live as I had an alumni meeting on the night of the dinner. Managed to run through with them a few last times at the venue before I had to dash off for the meeting and came back to the dinner just after they'd performed. Only got to watch them through tiny viewfinder of a DV.

Minor stuff ...

- got called to do a dance for a watch launch which I got paid quite reasonably and might be doing the same number again in October for another launch but studio lady has not confirmed if it's going to happen,

- am coordinating for this year's Christmas programme. Urgh! I hope that doesn't flop. The only other time I've coordinated anything which does not only require caterer calling and members calling was back in school for a Leo club activity. That didn't quite work out and the committee members had to help me out. Oh well, what can I say? I wasn't an active member, more of a silent member ... a very silent member ... almost in name only, was volunteered to do it and therefore, didn't know what in the world I was doing. I'll try and cover all bases with this one now. Even though the people involved will likely start calling me a pest for calling them too often to check on progress. :P

- front of housed for Sean Ghazi's show. The first day I FOH-ed, I thought, "man! What the heck happened to his voice? Did he choose the wrong songs?", cause I thought it was quite bad. I've heard him once before at No Black Tie last year and thought he was pretty good but he sang a different set then. He sounded better last night though, especially during the matinee. If my opinion was of any weight, I would advise him not to sing 'Last Night of the World'. Boy, you just don't falsetto well!

As for his guests, I'm not overly fond of Aura Deva as Kim and Tup Tim. It sounds a little squeaky at times. However, I must say I loved it when she sang the Meadowlark song. I don't know the title of that song but I loved it. The thought which came to me when I heard her was that, she would do quite well with the role of The Narrator for Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Unknownst to me that that's the role she's been playing most recently. Should read the programme book next time. LOL. Loved Izlyn Ramli's deep and sexy jazzy voice. Man! I wish I could sing like that! Adam Farouk? Good looking, tall and talented. He only sang one song, Elton John's Your Song, but he had a nice style. Nice.

... Right, I'll stop for now. I shall try to update more frequently but people, there's really nothing much to update aboutlah. But I will try since I do get a "Hoi woman! Update your bloglah!", sometimes. :)

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