Thursday, June 17, 2004

So so lost

Man! Me trying to sight sing is almost as bad as me trying to sight play. My sight reading is really really REALLY bad! Non-existant even! Therefore, was tremendously lost during rehearsal.

Trying to get notes from [medication-girl] who's trying to get notes from me was .... how do I put this? ... a bad idea. I tried to listen to what she was singing and she's listening for me. So, it's the both of us listening to each other with neither of us knowing what we're suppose to sing while [food-critic] was way too far from us to be of any help. I wanted to laugh but it would have been inappropriate. Then we have [coloratura-wannabe] not being able to shut up when we're trying to get our parts. Urgh!

*sigh* Will need to go and *plonk* my part out tonight in preparation for tomorrow's rehearsal. Hope we'll spend some time on it tonight. There's another jamming session at [bubbly-momma]'s tonight. Yay! Fun!

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