Thursday, April 22, 2004

one gig worth!

Woo hoo! I never have to delete mails ever again! I'm Gmailed!

It's amazing cause I was just reading about privacy issues with Gmail in today's In-Tech insert. My thoughts on the issue is that, well if they want to scan my mails, that's fine with me, I don't have such incredibly secretive conversations with g-men that the Google people can't read about. Actually, I don't write emails to any g-men. Don't know any g-men. Hence, go ahead read my mails if you want, although why you'd like to bore yourself to tears if quite beyond me. Have fun!

However, those suing do bring out an interesting point though, although I have agreed to have my mails read, my friends, family, fans, enemies have not but their mails will be scanned as well so long as the mail them to me. Which, probably isn't fair for them. Then again, nothing coming to me is overly sensitive to any nation except my own nation in my head. Still .... not fair for them.

Ah well, we'll just see how the whole thing goes. I will have to reread the article to find out why the actually want to scan the mails in the first place.
When I can find that paper.
Darn colleague flitched it from me while I was talking to another colleague. Damn idiot says I wasn't reading it anyway!

Hello! The paper was open! I was talking for a sec! Doesn't mean I'm not going to continue! Dumbass!

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