Monday, February 16, 2004

The idiocy continues ...

Feb 16, 4.45pm - Called up En. Hadi to check on status. Turns out En. Hadi is also one of the idiots. Said he will try and help when I pay the amount. People at Standard Chartered are such confused souls. Why would I still need their help if I would willingly pay for things that I did not charge and why would they willingly decide on my favour after I have paid and give me back my money? That's so warped! I was so furious I even said "It's not my fault if your people fucked up and I was not told the correct procedure. Why should I be penalised?" Yes, I said fuck to the guy.
I know probably shouldn't swear at them but that's how I've been thinking about Std Chart whenever the fuck up another call.
I think that's the most proper word for it. Other words just do not seem to serve.

'Fuck up' should be a totally legit and proper phrase and not a swear phrase.
It expresses the speaker utter frustration and anger at the moment and therefore should not be mistakenly categorised as a swear.

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